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Konrad Mizzi's Wikipedia Profile Edited To "Konrad 'Korrot' Mizzi"

The Wikipedia page for former energy minister Konrad Mizzi has experienced a small modification, updating the former politician’s title to ‘Korrot Mizzi’.

Mizzi was ousted from the Labour Party years after he was originally named in the Panama papers as one of the individuals with offshore assets registered there. His is a name among other officials in the labour party accused of high-level corruption.

A similar phenomenon occurred to Infrastructure minister Ian Borg who had his name changed to Ian ‘Konkos’ Borg on Wikipedia last July. Borg's ambitious infrastructure projects have earned him a reputation among the general public for being an advocate for new construction.

Maltese politicians have recently had to face up to the reality of 'internet politics', a phenomenon that other world leaders have been embattled with for a number of years now.

Do you think this is funny or distasteful?

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