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Legal Scholars Bash Law Students' Paper On Decriminalising Abortion

Two of Malta’s most eminent legal scholars, Giovanni Bonello and Tonio Borg, have come out all guns blazing against a recent paper published by the Malta Law Students’ Society (GĦSL) which calls for the immediate decriminalisation of abortion in Malta.

In two separate opinion pieces published to the Times of Malta, Bonello and Borg have criticised the paper for being heavily ‘biased’ and legally ‘flawed’

“Not once, repeat, not once has the supreme court of Europe qualified abortion as a human right” the two legal scholars argued.

Bonello was a Judge of the European Court of Human Rights for six years whilst Tonio Borg is considered to be a Constitutional expert in the legal field

“It is massively one-sided in problems so seeped in controversy” Bonello lamented. “The report is full of moral and medical assertions but the contents lack proper legal foundation” said Tonio Borg.

Both scholars appealed to the Malta Law Students’ Society to revise the contents of the paper, taking a more balanced approach which reflects both sides of the argument.


What do you make of their scathing review ? Do you agree or disagree ?

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