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Let's Talk Seriously About Euthanasia, Appeals Activist Diagnosed With Huntington's Disease

Sam Debattista is a 23-year-old woman living with a degenerative condition known as Huntington’s disease.

She has long appealed for a serious discussion around the topic of assisted suicide, advocating in favour of euthanasia for almost five years.

Sam is now calling on Malta’s political class to stop using the issue as a political football, and to start having a serious discussion which takes the lives of people like her into consideration.

“More than anything, it’s about voicing the concerns of my community.” Sam told Times of Malta “What people don’t realise is that in many terminal illnesses, the mind is jeopardised. So, it’s not just about the pain that the person is suffering but also the effects it has on the mind.”

Sam is now looking to set up an NGO which would focus on proper education and the potential introduction of Euthanasia in Malta.


Do you think euthanasia should be introduced in Malta ?

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