• Luigi Sapiano

Lovin Malta Founder Chris Peregin To Step Down As Company CEO And Join Nationalist Party

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Lovin Malta founder Chris Peregin will be stepping down as CEO of the company with immediate effect to take up a position within the Nationalist Party.

Peregin is expected to take up a strategic role at Dar Centrali where he will be leading a team tasked with managing PN's electoral campaign. It is understood that Peregin will not be contesting the general election as a PN candidate.

The unexpected move was announced by Peregin in an article published on Lovin Malta's website last night titled 'I Am Moving On, And This Is Why'. "I will be relinquishing my position as CEO, my directorship and my shareholding, to give the team at Lovin Malta the freedom to scrutinise me as much as they do all other political players," he said.

In the article, Peregin cites his main reason for joining the party as being to reduce Labour’s overwhelming majority in the interest of a healthier democracy.

"There is no time to waste. The sooner the polls start to change, the sooner the country will begin benefitting from a more balanced democracy." Calling the Nationalist Party a "shadow of its former self" Peregin insisted that he is "not a fervent Nationalist, but a Maltese citizen who has a natural interest in democracy." Peregin's last official day at Lovin Malta will be July 31st. Are you surprised by the move?

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