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Malta To Revoke Citizenship Of 2 Sanctioned Russians Following US Pressure

The Maltese government has announced it will be revoking the Maltese passports of two high net worth Russians who bought citizenship in Malta.

These individuals and their assets are facing sanctions by the US in a bid to put pressure onto the Kremlin.

Evgeniya Vladimirovna Bernova and Nikita Aleksandrovich Sobolev, both Russian nationals and a married couple, accessed Maltese citizenship via Malta’s notorious golden passport scheme. The two own multiple limited liability companies in Malta with investments in sectors ranging from electronics to real estate.

Their names and assets appeared on the lists of sanctions by the US treasury, which no doubt put a significant amount of pressure onto Malta’s political leadership to act. This revoking is something that is within the constitutional power of the Maltese state applying particularly to individuals with purchased citizenship as well as those who were naturalised to Maltese citizenship.

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