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Maltese Facebook Users Crucify Pope For His Views On Better Migrant Treatment

As the nation’s TV and telephone screens were dominated by images of smiling bystanders itching for a glimpse of the Pope this weekend, a darker side to the nation’s response was manifesting in the comments sections on various news posts.

The Pope had summed up his visit to the island by visiting the facilities of a migrant camp. There he made a speech calling for the Maltese to show hospitality toward migrants the same way their ancestors had done with St Paul and his shipwrecked crew. However this it seems was not a sentiment that was shared by the various Facebook users who flocked to the comments sections of various news posts about the event.

Many began to badmouth the religious leader, stating he had overstepped his place on a national issue, that he had grown irrelevant and of course, to go back to his own country. Among them were people which the quick inspection of their overly active facebook activity would reveal, had expressed greetings to the Christian leader prior to this statement.

Do you agree with the Papal view?

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