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Muscat Won't Say If His Trip To Yorgen Fenechs Hotel Was A Gift

Former prime minister Joseph Muscat has come under fire in the headlines this morning, being forced to defend himself against claims he holidayed for free at a hotel in France owned by alleged murder conspirator Yorgen Fenech.

Muscat confirmed that he travelled with his family and that of Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis to the Évian-Les-Bains Hilton in northern France, but has failed to answer questions about whether the trip was a gift, nor has he shown two receipts proving payment.

The trip allegedly took place in Easter 2017. Zammit Lewis insisted that the trip was in 2014. Muscat could not remember when this trip took place.

By Easter 2017 Fenech’s his links to potential corruption were already well known. It would have been around this time that the plot to kill Daphne Caruana Galizia was hatched.


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