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PM Abela Announces €100 and €200 Giveaway While Slamming PN

During a rainy mass meeting on Sunday, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced that pensioners, students and workers would all be receiving €100 and €200 euro cheques in the post starting Monday, something he assures will not continue under Nationalist rule.

Abela’s financial package was announced in February and will also constitute a tax rebate numbering between €40-160. Abela has been heavily reliant on pulling the progressive card and has locked his main rival into a competition of election promises, the fruitfulness of which are uncertain due to international economic concerns.

The underlying message attached to the financial gift everyone will receive from the Labour Party this week is: A. That this gesture is the embodiment of support for lower income earners. B. The Nationalist party has no intention of continuing such schemes.

Prime Minister Abela also announced further government cushioning from rising prices, but how long this policy will hold out for is yet to be determined.

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