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Pn MP Jason Azzopardi Suspends Himself Over Tel-Aviv Hotel Revelations

Image Source: Malta Today

PN MP and parte civile lawyer for the Caruana Galizia family, has suspended himself from the Nationalist Party’s Parliamentary Group.

The self-suspension comes after new revelations that Tumas Group paid for Azzopardi’s 2017 five day stay at the Hilton Hotel in Tel-Aviv.

Tumas Group is owned by murder suspect Yorgen Fenech and his family.

Azzopardi admitted that he originally called Ray Fenech (Yorgen’s father) because he could not find a hotel in Tel-Aviv. Fenech furnished him with with an all expenses paid trip. Jason Azzopardi then bought him a silver gift to repay the favour.


Do you think Azzopardi should be suspending himself?

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