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Putin Ally Viktor Orban Wins Fourth Term As Hungarian Prime Minister

Pro-Putin politician Viktor Orban has just been re-elected for a fourth term as the Prime Minister of Hungary following a landslide victory at the polls. "Our win is so huge you can see it from the Moon, never mind from Brussels," Orban gloated. The Hungarian PM has clashed with bureaucrats in Brussels over contentious issues including rule of law and migration.

In his victory speech, Orban criticised Ukrainian PM Zelenskyy, "We never had so many opponents," going on to list a number of ‘enemies’ including "Brussels bureaucrats... the international mainstream media, and finally the Ukrainian president". Zelenskyy had singled out Orban for failing to take a harsher stance against Putin. Ukraine borders Hungary, and around 400,000 refugees have fled here since Russia's forces invaded. But Orban has refused to send over weapons and even refused Hungary as a passage for other weapons from other countries. Orban argues that the war between the two nations is too ‘dangerous’ to get involved in. What do you make of this?

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