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  • Alex Galea

Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates 96th Birthday After Tough Year

Queen Elizabeth II is perhaps the world’s best known monarch. And this year she has turned 96 with sources working close to the Royal Family saying that she is still in sound health.

The British head of state (as per tradition) celebrates a biological birthday and an ‘official’ one, typically celebrated in the summer months for a guarantee of good weather. For this reason, as well as the turbulent year the Queen has endured, she will likely be reclusively celebrating in a small cottage that was home to her late husband Prince Phillip.

The Queen's son; HRH Charles The Prince of Wales now accompanies the monarch in the place of her late husband.

Prince Phillip's passing last year has been cause for concern among Royal Family observers who have observed an obvious change in the Queen's behaviour and public presence since.

A record breaking birthday:

This year also marks 70 years since the Queen took to the throne a record time; longer than the reign of any other monarch in British history. She has managed to maintain her public commitments despite multiple hospitalisations and COVID infections within the palace.

Regardless of what you may think of her, generation upon generation has grown up with her face on posters, TV screens and all over the history of modern pop-culture. For this reason she is an incredibly well embedded cultural symbol as well as the supporting structure for the existence of the entire Royal Family.

It is for these reasons that many in Britain are now beginning to scratch their heads at the thought of the vacuum that will be left as part of the enormous legacy she will (inevitably) leave behind.

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