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Rapist School Bus Driver Sentenced to 12 Years For Molesting an 8-Year Old Girl

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Image Source: TheIndependentMalta

Another shocking case of sexual abuse has come to light in Malta as a local court found a school bus driver guilty of repeatedly raping an 8-year-old girl.

Emotional court sittings unveiled how the bus driver, who was 33 at the time, one day took the young girl to an abandoned field near her home and molested her.

After that day he abused her 6 more times and raped her twice.

At 16 years of age, around the time of her first relationship, the girl eventually opened up to her therapist, who acted immediately and reported it to the police.

Magistrate Audrey Demicoli sentenced the man to 12 years in prison and issued a small fine.


Would you give the man a harsher sentence ?

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