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Roman Abramovich And Ukrainian Negotiators Suffer Suspected Poisoning

Russian oligarch and former proprietor of Chelsea FC Roman Abramovich has suffered a suspected poisoning along with other Ukrainian negotiators materialising in peeling skin and painfully watering eyes.

Abramovich has spent the last few weeks between Moscow, Kyiv and Istanbul as he makes attempts to mediate the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Abramovich found himself on the list of Russian high net-worth individuals sanctioned by the West as a response to his country’s aggression in Ukraine.

Abramovich was present at recent peace talks between Ukraine and Russia which took place on the Belarussian border, which is where they allege the poisoning took place.

Despite these painful symptoms, Abramovich still made his way to Istanbul where he joined officials and mediators from Turkey for the first set of face-to-face negotiations in almost 2 weeks.

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