• Luigi Sapiano

As Rotten As The Rest Of Them

Another week, another scandal. In any normal country Rosianne Cutajar’s dismissal would be a no-brainer. But this isn’t a normal country, and it hasn’t been for a while. Here impunity is allowed to reign in perpetuity because anybody who calls it out is more likely to be dismissed than the wrongdoer.

Who from Rosianne Cutajar’s political cohort is going to call her out for a flagrant breach of political and ethical conduct ?

Justyne Caruana, the minister who knew her husband was rubbing shoulders with Yorgen and travelling in his Rolls Royce, but hushed it up all along ?

Edward Zammit Lewis, the justice minister who shared hundreds of messages with Fenech right up until in 2019 ? Not to mention the all expenses paid trip to the Hilton Hotel in France.

Could it be the disgraced former Minister Konrad Mizzi, Yorgen Fenech’s 17 Black business associate, often seen chatting on the backbench with Cutajar ?

Maybe Evarist Bartolo and Edward Scicluna will stick their head out of the rat hole, to tell us that even though they knew of the ‘kitchen cabinet’ which was running the government, they preferred to sit pretty and not mention it until after the journalist was killed.

Yorgen Fenech knew exactly what he was doing. He got into bed with people in high places,both red and blue, and made sure they all had some skin in the game....some more than others. Everything we’ve heard so far suggests that he believed he could - literally - get away with murder because all the gamekeepers had been compromised and turned into poachers.

We cannot expect things to change, for as long as the only people entrusted to impact change, remain hands tied and mouth sealed shut by their own complicity and guilty conscience.

Politicians exist to serve the best interests of the people, not to leverage their position to profit off lucrative deals. This is not up for discussion. Anybody who thinks otherwise, or views his role in politics as anything but, is not fit for purpose.

Robert Abela has done his country a great disservice by not acting quickly to clean out the Augean stables. He had every opportunity to turn a new leaf, and clean up the mess Joseph Muscat left behind. But by his own proclamation Abela is dealing in continuity.

Indeed in the face of all this, Abela’s biggest qualm is the time the three judges sitting on the public inquiry are taking to look into circumstances preceding the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia who must “assume responsibility for its decisions and its consequences"

And what about Rosianne Cutajar, Prime Minister ? What about Zammit Lewis ? What about the rest of the piovra ? Will you be ensuring that they assume the same responsibility ? Or are your hands tied too, Prime Minister ?

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