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Senior University Lecturer Believes Matthew Caruana Galizia Is Responsible For His Mother's Death

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Simon Mercieca, a senior lecturer at the University of Malta, is pushing forward the conspiracy theory that Daphne Caruana Galizia’s son, Matthew, is in part responsible for his mother’s death.

Mercieca, a history lecturer, said on his blog that Caruana Galizia should explain why he had parked his mother’s car outside her home, rather than inside the garage, on the night before her murder.

“If the car was left outside carelessly or because of a lack of urgency to park it inside, the family’s right for compensation will take a hit. This is because they will be partially to blame for the murder.”

Since setting up his blog in October, Mercieca has pedaled a number of dangerous conspiracy theories - for example claiming that Yorgen Fenech is the victim of a massive frame up.

As a lecturer Mercieca is paid a handsome salary by the state-owned university. When the University was asked about Mercieca’s blog by Lovin Malta they had this to say :

‘Academics should articulate their views and opinions in a truthful and respectful manner’

And yet Mercieca remains on the University’s payroll...


Do you think Mercieca should still be lecturing at the University of Malta ?

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