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Silence From Robert Abela On Metsola's Success At The European Parliament

Image Source: Robert Abela Twitter

A congratulations was noticeably absent on behalf of Prime Minister Robert Abela following the news that MEP Roberta Metsola had become the first Maltese person to occupy the prestigious role of first Vice President at the European Parliament.

It is customary for a Prime Minister to commend Maltese citizens on their achievements. For example, you would expect the Prime Minister to call in the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest to applaud his or her efforts before representing Malta on the international stage.

Abela even took the time out to congratulate the American VP Kamala Harris on her election earlier this week.

But somehow the Prime Minister has completely ignored Metsola’s historic election for Malta, not even bothering to write a Facebook status or Tweet in acknowledgement of the success.


Do you think the Prime Minister should be congratulating Metsola ?

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