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Standards Commissioner Finds Joseph Muscat In Abuse Of Power

A report by the Standards Commissioner has found that Joseph Muscat abused his power when he handed Konrad Mizzi a €80,000-a-year consultancy job, just days after the minister was forced to resign in disgrace.

The contract, which was exposed by Times of Malta had reported that Mizzi was given a three-year contract with a salary of €6,700 per month - €80,400 annually. That is significantly more than he did as a minister. Ministers make around €61,000 per year.

Mizzi answering journalists questions

The report found that it was Muscat himself who ordered that the Malta Tourism Authority engage the disgraced former minister as its consultant. It is understood that Muscat has been found guilty of multiple breaches of the ministerial code of ethics.

The contract was dated December 9, 2019. Muscat had already planned to step down as prime minister by that time which makes this all the more damning.

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