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State Broadcaster Posts Fake News About Man - He Slams Them For Being Unprofessional

A 36-year-old Italian man living in Malta has become the victim of fake news by the State broadcaster TVM, after they posted an article erroneously stating that he had been ‘caught' by the police with the help of the public.

Mr Emanuele Rebora insists that this is not the case and that he simply went to collect papers from the police depot, where police officers apologised to him for the inconvenience. “You are embarrassing, bad and unprofessional at your job” he commented under the news article posted to TVM's Facebook.

In a statement prior to the incident, the police issued a call asking for the public’s help in locating five people – four men and one woman – who had skipped out on their court appointment.

Rebora was among those named, however contrary to the TVM article, he says he went down to the police station wilfully and was neither ‘caught’ nor did the public play any role in him going down to police headquarters, he said. Mr Rebora gave us comments in a video in which he clears his name and sets the facts straight. WATCH the full video below on our Instagram:

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