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"Stronger Than Ever" Joseph Muscat Reacts To Labour Victory

As masses of flag waving people, cars and buses took to the streets on Sunday; among them walked former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat grinning uncontrollably as Labour’s 3rd consecutive landslide victory sunk in. Muscat could be seen actively taking part in the celebrations, even speaking to some members of the press when questioned.

Muscat also made various comments towards the Nationalist party, calling them out for their 3rd consecutive failing to offer any serious opposition and cited their last landslide victory in the 1990s to back up his claim. Muscat’s recent breadcrumb of public appearances coupled with Labour’s consolidation of power for another 5 years could create ideal conditions for his return to politics. Muscat resigned from his duties as Prime Minister following investigations into his administration’s compliance in the murder of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. An inquiry into the murder found that the Maltese state shouldered responsibility for the killing. Do you think Muscat could be on track to return to politics?

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