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West Ponders Sanctioning Putin’s Daughters As Response To Atrocities

The withdrawal of Russian forces in certain regions of Ukraine has led to the discovery of the aftermath of the Russian army’s stay there. Sources within Ukraine have described scenes of looting and the massacre of civilians, which has prompted talk of more sanctions against Russia.

Among the proposed sanctions is the targeting of Putin’s two daughters with tough sanctions to increase the personal pressure on the Russian leadership.

The EU and its allies across the Atlantic now begin to search their arsenal of economic warfare against the Russian government. However questions are now being raised over what to sanction. Despite making bold statements in the press and in parliament, leaders across the West (EU in particular) are now scratching their heads at the thought of tightening Russian imports further. Russian gas is a particularly hot topic as it still fuels 40% of Europe’s gas supply and many are unwilling to cease imports.

With all previous sanctions failing to put enough pressure onto Russia to avoid the killing of civilians and commitment of alleged war crimes, many in the West are seeking methods to put pressure on Putin directly. Whether these sanctions will target Maria Vorontsova and Katerina Tikhonova (Putin’s daughters) directly is still a mystery and what the impacts will be are debatable to say the least.

Do you think targeting the Kremlin’s extended family could stop atrocities on the field of battle in Ukraine?

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