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Yasmin Zammit Stevens Makes Her Olympic Debut And Places Third

Malta’s first-ever female weightlifter at the Olympics Yasmin Zammit Stevens has landed third place in the women’s 64kg category during her debut in Tokyo.

Zammit Stevens set a new national record by lifting 105kg in the Clean and Jerk beating the previous best by 2kgs. She was ultimately beat out Australia’s Kiana Rose Elliot and Nicaragua’s Sema Nancy Ludrick Rivas beat Zammit Stevens in the group.

Yasmin Zammit Steven’s debut put her in the Maltese history books as the first-ever Maltese female weightlifter to ever compete in an Olympic weighting-lifting competition.

Later today, Andrew Chetcuti will be taking part in the 100-metre heats at 12 pm local time.

Well done to Yasmin

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