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Youth Environmental Activist Gets Blocked By Ian Borg On Instagram

Minister Ian Borg has blocked a youth environmental activist on Instagram after repeatedly bringing his attention to environmental issues.

Julia Capitta, the crew leader at @earthguardians_malta told SideStreet Malta that she was “concerned” that a minister would do something like that. “I’m not offended that he blocked me, it’s just so worrying that a minister would try to silence a young activist by blocking them”

In a statement published by Earth Guardians, the NGO said “Our crew leader has not once used derogatory language towards the minister. Any comments made on posts and any tagged Instagram stories were always asking questions- questions such as why this destruction of our natural environment continues to happen, why young people’s voices keep getting ignored”

Asked if Julia has a message for Ian Borg she said “I’d like to tell him that he needs to listen to the next generation, especially when they voice their concerns about projects which will affect their environment hence their quality of life”

Have you ever been blocked on social media by a minister?

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