• Keaton Agius

1/4 Of Covid Patients Are Feeling The Effects Of "Long Covid"

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

A study being conducted by the Department of Cardiology, in collaboration with the Departments of Medicine and Pathology at Mater Dei Hospital, is investigating the long-term repercussions suffered by those who caught COVID-19.

According to currently available data, 77% of the random population sample felt the same as they did pre-COVID-19, but a fourth of those who felt worse suffered from fatigue months after they shed the virus. A total of 23% reported having shortness of breath. A fifth had headaches and 8.9% suffered from chest pain.

A near equal amount of males (48.5 per cent) and females (51.5 per cent) contracted the virus, but being a man meant more likelihood of hospitalisation. Anxiety and depression after being COVID-19 positive will also be analysed shortly.

Cardiologist Caroline Magri, who is spearheading the research, said that, ideally, everyone who had the virus should have a check-up. If they are experiencing symptoms like chest pain and shortness of breath, they should visit their GP, and who can also refer them to the COVID-19 follow-up clinic.

Are you experiencing the effects of Long-Covid?

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