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Uncertainty Amongst Maltese Travellers To Sicily As Tests Are Not Being Checked Despite New Rules

Maltese travellers are not being asked for a negative Covid-19 PCR or a rapid test upon arrival in Sicily, despite reports in local media stating this would be necessary even if one has a vaccine certificate.

Passengers were left in a state of confusion as they arrived in Pozzallo, wondering what travel requirements actually are.

In order to combat the Delta variant rules were recently changed by President Nello Musumeci, stipulating that randomised testing will also take place upon arrival in Sicily, this not having taken place either so far.

The Italian Ambassador to Malta, Mario Sammartino, has been asked by TVM regarding these issues and said that they were investigating further with the Sicilian authorities. The measures are expected to remain in force until 1 September.

Is this going to stop you from travelling to Sicily?

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