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ANALYSIS : 21 Victims In 7 Days - Another Deadly Week Of Coronavirus In Malta

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Malta has registered it’s deadliest week yet with COVID-19 claiming the lives of a record 21 people in just 7 days.

Particularly shocking was the death of the youngest COVID-19 victim, 46-year-old Renald Falzon, a beloved Qormi mayor who’s passing was met with shock and grief.

The average coronavirus related deaths this week tallied up to three people everyday. On November 13th five people passed away in one day.

We’re exactly halfway through November and Malta has already registered 10 more deaths (37 deaths) than the entire month of October (27 deaths).

Meanwhile, the island’s active cases have spiked to an all time highs (2,172) increasing steadily from the previous week.

How do these COVID numbers make you react ?

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