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Health Authorities Don’t Budge On Single-Dose Vaccine Certificates

The health authorities are resisting pressure to allow quarantine-free entry to European Union vaccine certificate holders who are only eligible for one dose of a COVID-19 jab due to having already contracted Covid-19.

SideStreet previously reported on a case where a Maltese woman’s Italian boyfriend was informed that he would have to quarantine upon arrival in Malta despite having validly recognised EU vaccine certificate. Other individuals have since reported the same problem when trying to enter Malta.

A health ministry spokesperson said: “Due to the prevailing scientific evidence, Malta is not accepting one dose certificates.” Asked to explain what the scientific evidence entails, the spokesperson pointed to European Centre of Disease Control (ECDC) guidelines.

Maltese international artist Nicholas Agius Darmanin told Times of Malta that his girlfriend, who is based in Estonia, was forced to quarantine when she arrived in Malta.

Despite having an EU certificate, she was told that she would have to stay in quarantine at a hotel and pay around €1,400.

An ECDC report found last week that those who have contracted the virus and take only one vaccine shot have a comparable antibody count as those who did not contract the virus and are fully vaccinated. The problem arises when it comes to long-term clarity due to lack of data at this time, with Maltese authorities insisting on this point to justify the measures in place.

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