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Jason Azzopardi And Manuel Delia File Criminal Complaints About Scam Attacks

Scammers have launched attacks against PN MP Jason Azzopardi and activist Manuel Delia by means of fake emails and spoof websites. Both Delia and Azzopardi have filed criminal complaints about the matter.

Several media houses were sent emails this week using a fake emailer website that makes it appear as if the emails sent to the newsrooms were by Delia and Azzopardi. The emails contained fabricated information regarding Delia’s mental health. "One additional conspiracy theory that comes out of a reading of these fake emails and websites is that I am mentally ill, irregularly taking medication, and sick and delusional. I’m not," said Delia in a statement published on his blog.

The fake emailer used

The emails also contained fabricated dialogue between Azzopardi and Delia regarding how police collusion was allowing them to sustain attacks against Judge Giovanni Grixti. The judge in question presided over Yorgen Fenech’s bail request and was found to have bought a boat in 2008 from Fenech’s late father, George Fenech. Azzopardi and Delia criticised Giovanni Grixti, Fenech's lawyer Charles Mercieca stating that there was "a concerted effort to attack the credibility of Hon. Justice Giovanni Grixti with the purpose of influencing the outcome of our client Mr Yorgen Fenech's, application to be granted bail."

Spoof websites were also set up mimicking Manuel Delia’s Blog with false statements regarding the fake emails being a campaign set up by Delia himself, Azzopardi, and Repubblika as a means to besmirch Yorgen Fenech. Manuel Delia has published statements clarifying that he never wrote such a thing and that this was a further fabrication and attack.

Screenshot of the spoof website

Who do you think organised the scam attacks?

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