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MMSA Distances Itself From Vaccine Sceptic Students

The Malta Medical Students Association (MMSA) and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery have distanced themselves from the opinion of medical students who have voiced resistance to the COVID-19 vaccine and strongly reiterated their stance in favour of it.

“The overwhelming majority of MMSA’s 700+ members recognise the strong scientific evidence supporting the fact that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and efficacious tools which are key to fighting the current pandemic,” MMSA said in their recent Facebook post.

MMSA has voiced its opinion on medical issues during the pandemic on several occasions, showing support for vaccination through multiple social media campaigns and even through a policy paper highlighting the importance of vaccination, and debunking certain misconceptions.

The Faculty of Medicine and Surgery also released a statement acknowledging that whilst students have a right to express their personal views, it does not reflect their position.

The faculty said that it “disassociates itself from the personal opinion(s) of its students and declares that such statements do not reflect the position of the Faculty” adding that it strongly encourages the public to be vaccinated.” What do you think of MMSA's statement ?

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