• Keaton Agius

PL Delegate And Head Of National Book Council Claims New Book Will Reveal Government Corruption

The head of the National Book Council and PL delegate Mark Camilleri announced on Monday that he’s releasing a new book that will expose ‘fresh facts’ about previously unexposed government corruption.

“As a Labour Party member, I am very concerned about the future of the country and the Party and I feel I need to do my part to help clean this mess.” he wrote on Facebook.

Camilleri said he hopes the information he will expose in his upcoming work will lead to arrests and fresh police investigations.

This is not the first time Camilleri has stirred controversy due to criticism of his own party. He has landed himself in hot water on a number of occasions with his Facebook posts, ranging from posts about Yorgen Fenech's lawyer's, to referring to his "brown marxist *ss"

In a podcast with Jon Mallia, Camilleri stated that PM Emeritus Joseph Muscat was “definitely a sociopath” and “probably a psychopath”.

What do you make of this?

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