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PN MP Kevin Cutajar Excuses Somali Attack, Then Removes Facebook Post

PN MP Kevin Cutajar has removed a Facebook post in which he seemingly excused the brutal assault of a Somali man in Gozo, blaming it on “the rapid mixing of cultures”.

Whilst condemning the act, the Nationalist MP seemed to blame it on the fact that “Gozo is not ready for this multiculturalism”. However, following a barrage of criticism Cutajar removed the post.

The original post uploaded by Kevin Cutajar, now removed

Not long after Cutajar uploaded another post insisting he was misunderstood. “I was unfortunately misunderstood, what I wanted to say was that what happened yesterday shows us the ugly reality of a ‘lack of social inclusion’.

Police investigations around the attack, suspected to be racially motivated, are ongoing, with one man charged but police confirming that more could follow suit when investigations are completed.

Do you think the MP is in the wrong?

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