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Vaccinated People To Quarantine For 5 Days Instead of 14

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

The fully vaccinated will soon be able to quarantine for 5 days instead of 14 after coming into contact with persons who test positive for COVID-19.

Speaking during a Times of Malta interview, deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne said that the plan is that vaccinated persons will be able to come out of isolation following a five-day period and a negative PCR test.

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne said during the interview that rules may be eased if the number of positive patients, who are receiving treatment in hospital, remain low.

The public health superintendence Charmaine Gauci has not answered questions about a five-day self-isolation period accorded to vaccinated health workers who come in contact with positive COVID-19 cases despite the wide vaccine coverage across the nation. employers are now raising questions about extended public health restrictions, the Chamber of Commerce appealing to health authorities to reconsider the quarantine measures.

Do you think more regulations should be lifted?

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