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Foreigners Living In Malta Successfully Keep Balluta Bay Clean

A group of expats living in Malta from a total of 7 countries have been cleaning up Balluta Bay every morning and they’re starting to see results.

“For the first time ever I actually had to look for some things to clean, as basically it’s been getting better and better” wrote Krzystof Dziembaj on the group Expats Malta.

Dziembaj, who lives nearby the Balluta Bay, started regular clean-ups after noticing a horrible smell and an abundance of trash on the bay. After some time, more and more people began to join him, a total of 7 people from different countries joined in on the clean-up, ranging from countries like China and Italy.

“I just want to appreciate that there are people who care and want to help to make things nice for all of us who use this area”. Reacting to the post one local commenter said “please, don’t go back to your country”

Krzysztof commented about the problem before, wondering if there were any laws in Malta prohibiting littering due to the state he found Balluta bay in upon his arrival in Malta. It only took him a few days to organise a small clean-up in May and another in July, now followed up by his most recent venture.

Do you think more people should take action?

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