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Water Dispensers To Be Installed In Several Locations Around Malta

Water dispensers that provide both sparkling and still water are going to be installed at several strategic locations around Malta

Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli explained that the use of the water dispensers will support the country in its commitment to reduce the use of plastic and the carbon footprint emanating from the production of plastic by encouraging people to make use of reusable bottles.

The Water Services Corporation, the entity responsible for the project, has already installed over 70 free of charge water dispensers at Mater Dei Hospital. A further 200 free of charge dispensers is to be installed in collaboration with the Education Ministry.

The price for a litre of still water and a litre of sparkling water will be 20c and 40c respectively. One may also purchase half a litre of water for half the price.

Would you make use of these dispensers?

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