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14-Year-Old Arrested In Sliema Stabbing

A Maltese youth aged 14-years-old has been arrested as a prime suspect in a stabbing that took place on Locker Street in Sliema.

Initial investigations appear to show that the 14-year-old allegedly stabbed a 21-year-old from the UK living in Mosta, in the stomach after getting into a heated argument.

The police Rapid Intervention Unit saw a person lying in the street unconscious during their rounds at around 4:45 PM . Police officers saw drops of blood leading out of the apartment when they arrived on the scene. It has resulted that the argument originated from within the apartments, where the 21-year-old try to flee from before falling unconscious in the street.

Both parties were rushed to Mater Dei hospital due to grievous injuries. A magisterial inquiry is underway.

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