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5 Things That Will Change Forever After Covid-19

The pandemic has brought about an incredible change to the world as we knew it in such a short amount of time. While we hope to return to our previous normality, here are 5 things that will change forever after Covid-19.

1. Work

Covid saw several industries make the shift to online. In many cases, teleworking not only proved to be sufficient but in some regards better than in-person working.

Morning traffic was drastically reduced, people could work from the comfort of their own homes and even produces better results with fewer workplace distractions.

The pandemic forced employees to adapt and overcome, opening eyes to a world of possibilities. Keeping with the Trend that existed even before the pandemic, it won't be long until many jobs start to exist completely online.

2. Communication

Zoom, Teams, Webex, Google meets. The pandemic has brought how people communicate with each other to the modern era, both in work and social environments.

The age of planning events and outings with your friends in person is mostly a thing of the past now that we have experienced how it can all be done from the comfort of our beds.

Even when we return to normalcy, it is unlikely that we will ever return to communicating face to face for more menial tasks.

3. Personal Hygiene

Through much of the pandemic, bad hygiene was advertised as being a surefire way of contracting the virus.

Simple tasks such as frequent hand-washing and the use of masks have not only lessened the spread of Covid-19, but also of other diseases. The CDC reported that it had logged 1,316 positive flu cases in its surveillance network between September 2020 and the end of January 2021. During that same period last year, the CDC had recorded nearly 130,000 cases.

We will likely be more aware of our personal hygiene, as well as the hygiene of those around us, for many years to come.

4. Human touch

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, the pandemic provided a very convenient excuse to avoid human interaction.

Even something as simple as a hug or handshake were eliminated, often in favour of a simple elbow tap or contactless gesture. The very thought of touching another human out of one’s personal bubble still feels alien

Antisocial behaviour has been seriously aggravated and it’s still unclear whether the way we interact with others will ever be the same again.

5. Personal freedom

The pandemic granted governments unprecedented authority to impose restrictions on our personal freedoms.

Much has been said about whether lockdowns violate basic human rights and whether vaccines can or should be made mandatory.

After the pandemic, people will both be more likely to sacrifice personal freedoms for the common good, and equally so others will defend them more vehemently.

Do you feel the pandemic has changed you?

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