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Announcement Of Budget Date Sends Election Rumour Mill Into Overdrive

Rumours of an early election have been flying around persistently for months, but now with a budget date confirmed for 11th October, the rumour mill has officially gone into overdrive.

Earlier today the Sunday Times reported that sources within the government say mid- to late November is increasingly being seen as a wise date for an election.

Not too long after Prime Minister Abela officially confirmed the budget date for early October during his Sunday sermon on ONE radio. Abela hinted towards another tax free budget and boasted of record low unemployment during the interview.

October is also set to see the completion and official opening of the government’s €55 million Central Link project and is also when Malta is forecast to see its inoculation program reach maximum potential.

November is increasingly looking like the month where the stars will align perfectly for Abela’s Labour government, with close aides reportedly edging the Prime Minister to call the election now rather than in 2022, which still holds a number of unknowns.

Will you vote in the next election?

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