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"Stay Calm" Keith Schembri Told Yorgen Fenech On The Day Before His Arrest

“Stay Calm” … “Nothing will happen”

These are the words Keith Schembri told Yorgen Fenech in a conversation the two had on the day before his arrest.

The text messages were revealed in a constitutional case filed by Fenech’s lawyers alleging that his continued arrest violates his human rights.

The prosecution is arguing that Fenech can’t be let out on bail as there is a clear danger that he would flee the country.

More messages shown in court exposed Fenech’s plans to escape before his arrest;

“Get out,” his brother Franco advised him, as his uncle Ray advised him to “be careful” when using credit cards. “Try and gain time,” Ray Fenech urged him.

Text messages between Fenech and his mother show that he had been planning to relocate to the US almost a year before eventual arrest. He had even looked into properties and schools that his children could attend

Fenech remains in preventive custody at Corradino Correctional Facility where he has been since November 2019.

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