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Denmark Orders The Slaughter Of 17Million Mink After Discovering Mutant Strain of Covid-19

Image Source: Al Jazeera

Denmark has ordered the slaughter of all its mink - up to 17 million animals - because of the spread of a mutant strain of coronavirus.

Danish authorities worry that a mutated form of coronavirus found in mink could potentially hamper the effectiveness of a future vaccine.

The new strain is called ‘Cluster 5’ and has become of of particular concern to Danish authorities after 12 people caught the virus.

At least 10 million mink have already been slaughtered out of a population of 17 million but the Danish Prime Minister has put the culling on hold.

"It is a mistake. It is a regrettable mistake," said Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen as she apologised to parliament.

Scientists at home and abroad are now trying to assess the risks, but the Danish government have admitted that they lacked the legal framework for a nationwide culling order.

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