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Repubblika Protests Police Inaction Whilst Government Boasts A “Positive” EU Rule of Law Report

Last night Robert Aquilina, president of NGO Repubblika, headed a protest demanding that police commissioner Angelo Gafa’ start investigating and prosecuting politicians accused of corruption.

Amongst those accused by Repubblika are John Dalli, Joseph Muscat, Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi, and Chris Cardona amongst others.

"Do not let the criminals command any longer", Robert Aquilina roared outside the Police Headquarters, urging Police Commissioner Gafa not to fall into the same trap as his predecessors.

Photo: Repubblikka

In stark contrast, this morning the Government issued a press release regarding the recent EU Rule of Law report on Malta which in its view gave a positive outlook of the situation in Malta. The report welcomed “reforms implemented to strengthen the independence of the justice system”.

In its evaluation of the EU Rule of Law report, however, the government seemed to conveniently omit the serious concerns the Commission raised about rule of law on the island and the “serious challenges” which remain regarding the efficiency of the justice system.

The report also highlighted the changes to the Broadcasting Act which have not enhanced ‘effective independence’, the 'lack of consistency' in following up Ombudsperson’s recommendations, and the limitations to public consultations in the law-making process.

Besides that, the report noted that the conviction track record in high-level cases ‘remains to be established’, a main point brought about last night at Repubblika’s protest. Investigations already opened by the police tend to be lengthy and thus a track record cannot be established, the report said.

Do you feel that the Rule of Law in Malta has improved?

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