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Labour Party Allegedly Planned To Receive €200,000 From Yorgen Fenech, PN Asks Police To Investigate

It has emerged that a company with links to the Labour Party was looking to set up a consultancy agreement worth €200,000 with Yorgen Fenech. Fenech was sent a draft of the proposed 33-month agreement in May 2016 by then Labour Party CEO Gino Cauchi on behalf of B.E.D. Limited.

According to a Times’ report, the agreement was drafted on a computer used by an executive of Labour Party media arm ONE Productions.

The Nationalist Party issued a statement shortly afterwards saying that the story showed that the Labour Party is “effectively above the law and can be considered a best practice for those who want to launder illicitly gained funds and to hide monies passing from commercial or criminal interests to politicians”. PN have called for a police probe to be launched into the alleged draft deal.

Candidates Charles Azzopardi and Mark Anthony Sammut on their way to submit the allegations to the police.

The Labour Party has denied receiving €200,000 in consultancy fees from Fenech and lambasted PN's statement. They have rebutted the claims by pointing their finger towards Opposition leader Bernard Grech who said he would offer a pardon to Yorgen Fenech. The statement denied that any funds had been received by the party, though it remained mum on whether there were plans for this to happen.

The statement also made reference to the credibility or of the Nationalist party due to similar allegations being made against former PN leader Adrian Delia, published on Lovin Malta, of which the PN’s new chief strategist Chris Peregin was formerly CEO.

What do you make of this?

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