• Keaton Agius

Malta Has Been Moved Back To EU Red List Amidst A Surge In Covid-19 Cases

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has updated its weekly map classifying each country based on the number of cases and positivity rate detected in the previous week. This week’s issue sees Malta being moved back to the ECDC’s red list.

Countries with the best rates are classified as green, followed by those in orange, then red. Malta has not been classified in the dark red category, the last and worst of the ECDC’s classifications. So far the only country entirely on the dark red list is Cyprus

This listing has no direct effects on EU member states travel regulations but is used to inform future regulations and provides travellers with information about their destination's risk level.

The ECDC's categorisation has been undertaken with figures released by the Maltese authorities from the 5th of July up till the 11th of July. This means that the increase of 1,409 cases between the 11th and the 19th were not taken into consideration.

Do you think this will impact Malta negatively?

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