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Maltese Man Goes On Trip To Poland To Help Ukrainian Refugees

As Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine continues into a third week of fighting and human displacement numbers skyrocket, one Maltese man has packed his bags and headed to Poland to do his bit and help.

Marc Edward Pace Pontanier, a Maltese local, joined what started out to be a small network of volunteers coordinating the movement of refugees from the Polish border.

Poland has taken in over 1.5 million people since the start of the conflict on February the 24th. His group has since been successful in obtaining more support , renting more vehicles as well as catering for the provision of basic humanitarian aid.

Upon his return, he told the Times that Poland is currently experiencing a wave of immense support for all those seeking refuge. “It’s a good feeling to be part of something bigger. What started as a two-man job is growing into an army,” Pace Portanier said.


Would you volunteer to help with similar NGOs?

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