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No Major Injuries Or Accidents Following Yesterday’s Celebrations

No major injuries or accidents occurred as a result of yesterday evening's celebrations following Italy’s triumphant win over England in the Euro 2020 final.

Supporters expectedly took to the streets in droves to celebrate the victory, with many predicting violence to ensue as tensions ran high. However, the Times of Malta reported that no major injuries or accidents occurred as a result of the celebrations through communication with the police. “A police spokesperson told Times of Malta on Monday morning there were no injuries or major accidents linked to the game or post-match celebrations.”

Police clamped down hard on street parties, deploying fire engines and numerous officers around hotspots in the country such as St.Julians St.George’s Bay, Buġibba and Sliema. Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa’ had forewarned that increased police presence would be put in place for the celebrations prior to the game itself, cautioning the force to treat Sunday like an election day.

"Tomorrow we must show respect and solidarity to each other. If we are going to celebrate, we must be responsible citizens,”. Gafa’ was joined by Home affairs minister Byron Camilleri who appealed to supporters to “act responsibly and save a summer of employment for their fellow workers.”

Whilst violence was avoided, increased levels of crowding were not prevented entirely by the police, with large crowds still gathering later into the night. Video and photo evidence of the events show that Covid-19 Regulations continued to be flouted despite the police force’s best efforts, with tens of hundreds gathering in large groups without social distancing and proper face-mask use.

Did you go out to celebrate?

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