• Luigi Sapiano

Father Of German Teen Found Dead In Malta Wants Investigations Reopened

5 years ago, Mike Mansholt’s body was found at the bottom of Dingli Cliffs on July 26, 2016. Mike’s body was discovered about 10 storeys below street level, his bike hung a few feet above in a bush, and yet he didn’t suffer a single broken bone.

When Mike was returned to Germany, the coroner at the Medical University of Hanover discovered the body was missing most of its vital organs, including the heart, brain, neck organs, lungs, liver.

The cause of death has never been conclusively established, but Maltese authorities consider it a case closed. The magisterial inquiry concluded this was a natural death and the police stopped investigating.

Photo of Mike Mansholt while on holiday in Malta

Mansholt’s father has been on a quest for the truth ever since his son was found dead. He’s returned to Malta several times in search of answers, but the death remains a mystery.

The Mansholt family has now moved to obtain a European Investigation Order whereby German prosecutors have asked the German courts to order Malta to reopen investigations. I will not give up until all the questions have been asked,” Mike’s father, Bernd Alexander Mansholt, told Times of Malta.

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