• Luigi Sapiano

"The Baby In The Womb Is Not Yours" - Gozo Bishop Anton Teuma

Gozo Bishop Anton Teuma has expressed his views on abortion, stating that the baby in the womb does not belong to the mother, but belongs first and foremost to God.

“Handle with care! That is not yours,” Bishop Teuma said during the homily at Għarb Basilica on the occasion of the feast of the Visitation. Teuma stressed that a child in the womb cannot be treated as an object, but rather, it should be treated as a gift.

The Bishop said that as a society we must protect children in the womb who enjoy the same dignity and value as a person outside of the womb.

Gozo Bishop Teuma has outspokenly criticised the attempts to decriminalise abortion in the past.

During the Diocesan Celebration of Christ the King in Gozo last November the Bishop warned against the danger of exaggerated individualism, using the example of abortion where “because of the mother’s individuality, one is willing to sacrifice the individuality of the child.”

What do you think of his comments?

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