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Kanye West Sampled Maltese Youtuber Grandayy On Donda

Kanye West sampled Maltese Youtuber Grandayy on his tenth studio album ‘Donda’.

You might have missed it on the first play but keen listeners' ears would have perked up at the sound of the ‘Globglogabgalab’ on Donda’s 12th track ‘Remote Control’ which originally featured Kid Cudi.

Indeed, Cudi's trademark vocal styling was replaced with the Globglogabgalab meme, ostensibly ripped straight from Maltese Youtuber Grandayy’s popular meme which has a whopping 45 million views on Youtube.

Reacting to the feature, Grandayy said it’s “time to sue Kanye West”, implying that Ye never got the Maltese Youtuber’s consent for the sample.

What do you make of Grandayy’s feature on Donda?

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