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“The Plan Is To Have As Many Students On Campus As Possible” - UM

University of Malta Communications Officer Pierre Cassar told Sidestreet that the rectorate’s plan is to “have as many students on campus as possible” when the university opens its doors again.

Cassar confirmed that there is no cut-off date as to when UM will publicise how lectures will proceed, as Covid-19 regulations may change within the month left before opening. Returning university students are set to continue their studies on the 27th of September, while Freshers week for the first years begins on the 11th of October.

When it comes to individual faculties, UM’s Communications Officer confirmed that they are assessing how best to hold lectures according to the number of students in each course and how many would need to be in the same class at the same time. It is likely that some lectures will still be held online.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure students don’t miss out further on their educational experience,” said Prime Minister Abela earlier this month in an interview with ONE expressing how the Government wishes to see the university reopened as much as possible.

Deputy PM Chris Fearne also confirmed that Health Authorities are in favour of University lectures taking place in person. “The plan is that if the situation permits, lectures in University and MCAST will take place physically,” said Fearne when questioned by SideStreet Malta during a press conference on the 5th of August.

Do you think you’ll be attending university in person?

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