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Local Photographer Sheds Light On The Dangers Of Abandoned Fishing Nets

A local photographer has raised awareness about the dangers of abandoned fishing nets through a series of photos that shed light on just how damaging these can be to our marine life.

In a post uploaded to Instagram by local underwater photographer @jonborg, the effects of ghost fishing can be seen damaging underwater sites and negatively impacting marine life, with several species of fish trapped in the nets.

Ghost gear such as abandoned fishing nets, traps, pots and lines in the world’s oceans is a growing environmental concern, with an estimated 640,000 tonnes of it left in oceans every year.

Speaking to SideStreet Malta Jon Borg said that most of the marine life found was already dead, with only two fish being saved. Transport Malta has now given divers permission to remove the nets which are found right in the middle of the channel where the Gozo ferry passes.

Did you know about the damaging effects of abandoned fishing nets?

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