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KSU Calls On MP's Who Formed part Of Joseph Muscat's Cabinet To Resign

Malta’s University Students' Council has just released a statement calling on MPs who formed part of Joseph Muscat’s Cabinet “to shoulder political responsibility and resign.”

Reacting to the public inquiry on the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, the student body said that Muscat’s cabinet “were well aware of the corruption and impunity” but chose to stand by Joseph Muscat nonetheless.

In particular, KSU Malta said they were concerned by ‘the fraternisation between the Minister of Justice and Good Governance, Hon. Dr Edward Zammit Lewis and accused mastermind, Yorgen Fenech.’

KSU is a non-partisan organisation with the main interest in representing students in issues that concern them. The statement was also endorsed by a number of other student organisations including GUG Gozo, Third Eye Malta and Studenti Demokristjani Maltin.

Law student organisations Għaqda Studenti tal-Liġi and ELSA have come under fire for not endorsing the statement. The abstention was condemned heavily on Twitter, with many, including former ELSA members, calling out the future lawyers for lacking the spine to take a stance.

Other student organisations not to endorse the statement include MHSA, MMSA, SACES, ASCSS, MBSA and PULSE, an organisation that has direct ties to the Labour Party.

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