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Police Have Gained Access To Data From Keith Schembri's Phone But Say It Has No Relevant Information

Data from Keith Schembri’s phone is in the hands of the police, but Police commissioner Angelo Gafà has stated that the information on the phone has no relevance to the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder investigation.

In the case that there was relevant information on the phone, said data could be crucial evidence in a legal battle to have Daphne Caruana Galizia homicide chief investigator, Keith Arnaud, removed from the case over claims that Arnaud leaked information to Schembri before he resigned in November 2019.

Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers demanded that the mobile contains “essential” and requested access to the data in possession of the police. evidence Gafà has lambasted this tactic as ‘fishing expedition’ by Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers and called the request ‘vexatious’

The court application filed by Fenech’s lawyers does not specify whether the data is from the phone Schembri claims to have "lost" before he was first arrested, or from another device that he obtained later.

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